Water softeners

The softening of water is a process that totally or partially transforms the salts of Calcium and Magnesium, present in the hard water, into salts of Sodium (soluble and non-encrusting).

The softeners are completely automatic systems that use our particular resin called “Cullion”, selected for a long duration and a minimal consumption of regenerating agent necessary for their reactivation.

The Cullwater softeners, are based on the requirements of the customer and are available in the cabinet, single tank and duplex versions. They can have time command, volume command and specified for water consumption.

The time command makes the regeneration of the softeners start by intervals of fixed days in according to the habitual consumptions of water. If these consumptions are not constant, the regeneration can be late or in advance, resulting in a lot of waste of regenerative agent or causing leak of hard water in the exit from the treatment. In this situation the volumetric command is preferable.

The volumetric command makes the regenerative agent of the softeners start when the resins reach the minimal level of their capacity of exchange, improving the regenerator’s consumption.

The S series, for the softening of the water for drinkable use, respects the italian ministerial parameters for the systems of domestic use. This series of softeners uses a generator of chlorine gas for the auto-disinfection and is provided with a system of mixture of the hardness allowing the installer or the final user to regulate accordingly.

ModelCyclic capacity calculated at 30°F and salt consumption in kg. per regenerationL ResinAverage flow rate
in service
Connections IN/OUTDimensions
in mm.
Salt container capacity kg.Shipping weight
 mc/°Fkg.mc/F°kg.   LPH  
Cabinet versions
TC 618 6A270,6411,46151″2702707001515
TC 818 10A450,9682,410201″3205257404525
TC 830 20A901,91364,720301″32052510407535
TC 1035 30A1352,82047,130501″32052511609045
Single tank versions
AD 818 10A450,9682,410201″88562068010030
AD 830 15A671,41023,515301″88562096010035
AD 830 20A901,91364,720301″88562096010040
AD 935 25A1132,31705,925401″905620110010045
AD 1035 30A1352,82047,130501″930620115010050
AD 1044 35A1583,32388,635501″930620145010055
AD 1054 40A1803,82729,440501″930620158010060
AD 1054 45A2034,230610,745501″975665158015065
AD 1252 50A2254,734011,950501″980665156515070
AD 1252 60A2705,740814,360601″980665156515080
AD 1354 75A3387,051017,87560-1501″-1.1/2″1050665160020095
AD 1465 100A4509,468023,810060-1501″-1.1/2″10756651860200135
AD 1665 125A56311,885029,712575-1501″-1.1/2″11256651865200170
AD 1665 150A67514,1102035,715075-1501″-1.1/2″11907301865300200
AD 1865 175A78816,5119041,61751501.1/2″12607302150300230
AD 1865 200A90018,9136047,62001501.1/2″12607302150300260
AD 2162 250A112523,6170059,52501501.1/2″13407302090300320
AD 2472 300A135028,3204071,43001501.1/2″14508752290400380
AD 2472 350A157533,0238083,33501501.1/2″14508752290400440
AD 3072 400A180037,8272095,24001501.1/2″17108752290400510
AD 3072 450A202542,53060107,14501501.1/2″17759402290500580
AD 3072 500A225047,23400119,05001501.1/2″17759402290500630
AD 3072 550A247551,93740130,95501501.1/2″187510402290800690
AD 3672 600A270056,74080142,86001501.1/2″203010402390800740
AD 3672 750A337570,85100178,57504002″2090110023901000930
AD 3672 800A360075,65440190,48004002″2090110023901000980
AD 4272 1000A450094,56800238,010004002″22051100239010001200
AD 4872 1250A5625118,18500297,512507002.1/2″-3″23901490239010001530
AD 4872 1500A6750141,710200357,015007002.1/2″-3″23901490239010001780
Duplex versions
ADX 1252 50AV2254,734011,950+50501″14456651565150135
ADX 1252 60AV2705,740814,360+60601″14456651565150155
ADX 1354 75AV3387,051017,875+7560-1501″-1.1/2″14856651600200185
ADX 1465 100AV4509,468023,8100+10060-1501″-1.1/2″15356651860200260
ADX 1665 125AV56311,885029,7125+12575-1501″-1.1/2″16356651865200330
ADX 1665 150AV67514,1102035,7150+15075-1501″-1.1/2″17007301865300390
ADX 1865 175AV78816,5119041,6175+17580-1501″-1.1/2″19007302150300450
ADX 1865 200AV90018,9136047,6200+20080-1501″-1.1/2″19007302150300510
ADX 2162 250AV112523,6170059,5250+2501501.1/2″20007302090300630
ADX 2472 300AV135028,3204071,4300+3001501.1/2″22758752290400745
ADX 2472 350AV157533,0238083,3350+3501501.1/2″22758752290400865
ADX 3072 400AV180037,8272095,2400+4001501.1/2″259587522904001000
ADX 3072 450AV202542,53060107,1450+4501501.1/2″266094022905001140
ADX 3072 500AV225047,23400119,0500+5001501.1/2″266094022905001240
ADX 3072 550AV247551,93740130,9550+5501501.1/2″2760104022908001360
ADX 3672 600AV270056,74080142,8600+6001501.1/2″3070104023908001460
ADX 3672 750AV337570,85100178,5750+7504002″31301100239010001820
ADX 3672 800AV360075,65440190,4800+8004002″31301100239010001920
ADX 4272 1000AV450094,56800238,01000+10004002″33601100239010002360
ADX 4872 1250AV5625118,18500297,51250+12507002.1/2″-3″37301490239010003000
ADX 4872 1500AV6750141,710200357,01500+15007002.1/2″-3″37301490239010003500


  • PRESSURE: min. 2 bar – max. 7 bar
  • TEMPERATURE: min. 5 °C – max. 40 °C
  • ELECTRIC POWER: 220/24 VOLT – 50HZ
addolcitori cabinati bia
Cabinet versions
Addolcitori Doppio Corpo

Single tank versions


Duplex versions