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We solve problems relating to water treatment regardless of the water and the starting system.

specialized in the treatment of primary water

Based on the analysis of the water to be treated we provide specific customized solutions making use of the different technologies available.

Unlike many other companies in the sector, our strength lies in providing bespoke designed solutions based on the needs and conditions of the starting water and required flow rate.

We do not compromise by skimping on quality, just to get a job. Those who use us advocate a philosophy of quality and excellence which allows for clear savings over a period in terms of both resources and time.

A niche product that we build to order are mobile water purification systems to be used in the event of natural disaster or humanitarian aid. We have provided them to municipalities, civil protection, Red Cross, non-profit organizations etc.

The quality and transparency of bathing water is our speciality. Due to our long experience in the water treatment sector, we calibrate and meticulously test the regulation and dosing systems of the chemical parameters of the water such as chlorine, pH, dissolved oxygen, salinity, turbidity, etc.

Our products

As regards the water treatment sector, we also supply dedicated accessories and products.

Direct consultancy also for customized projects