Scopes and sectors of application

We provide and have already provided assistance and consultancy to resolve problems regarding water treatment in the most varied fields, and for the most diverse customers in Italy and worldwide.

Companies and artisans

Manufacturing and artisan companies, building companies, hotels, restaurants, wholesalers and retailers of plumbing materials, plumbers, installers etc.

Private and commercial swimming pools and spas

The quality and transparency of bathing water is one of our specialities.

Cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, industrial laundries, food industry, electronics, textiles, etc.
Public entities

States, regions, provinces, municipalities.


Hospitals, clinics, retirement homes, analysis laboratories etc.

Plants for humanitarian aid

We build mobile purification systems to be used in the event of a natural disaster, supplied to civil protection, red cross, non-profit organisations, municipalities etc.

Architecture and engineering firms

Water Treatment plants.