Instant Cartridge filters

The Cullwater instant cartridge filters are equipments suitable for solving (with minimal initial cost and a relatively elevated water capacity) frequently challenging issues due to precipitation of iron, sand, non-colloidal turbidity, unpleasant tastes, smells, colours and corrosions.

The housing made of transparent material (SAN) allows a visual inspection and rapid change of the cartridge, if conditions require it. This operation is aided by a depressurization valve incorporated into the polyprolylene head.

filtri istantanei a cartuccia per acqua

Types of instant cartridge filters

The Filter “CULLFILL” can use many types of cartridges:

  • From 100 to 50 micron to remove the turbidity
  • From 20 micron to obtain water suitable for almost every domestic use
  • From 10 micron to obtain a clearness typical of the laboratory
  • From 5 to 1 micron for a high physical pureness for specialized uses

Furthermore, on request, 0.90 and 0.35 micron cartridges are available for an absolute degree of filtration.

filtri a cartuccia per acqua Cullfill

The filters with “CULLBON” activated carbon cartridges, granular/sintered and high porosity, are particularly suitable for ensuring the adsorption of tastes, smells and colours present in the water. They act mainly as catalysts on chlorine (cause of unpleasant smell) and on organic macromolecules (cause of undesirable tastes).

filtri a cartuccia per acqua cullbon

The “CULLSILI” cartridge filters are solely for industrial use for acidic water, either poorly mineralized or with high conductivity, rich of chlorides and other salts. They act by dissolving in proportion to the water that passes through them, protecting the pipes and boilers from corrosion and the metal structures of entire systems.

cullsili filtri cartuccia h186

The “CULLMITE” cartridge filters of mineralization with calcium carbonate and magnesium semi-calcinated in a natural proportion, are particularly suitable for drinking, acidic or poorly mineralized water. This treatment allows a natural and spontaneous solubility reaction in the consumption of Cullmite, proportional to the acidity present in the water (CO2) with calcium and magnesium oxides, with the result of obtaining a neutral salt (bicarbonate) giving the water a neutral pH.

cullmite filtri cartuccia h186
ModelConnections Cartridge (micron)Max. flow rate l/hPressure drop (bar)Dimensions in mm. Ø x H
Turbidity – Iron and manganese
F 5 – F1/4″-1.1/4″0.35/1/5/10/20/50/100500/500/500/500/750/1000/13000,5130 x 190
F 10 – F1/4″- 2″0.35/1/5/10/20/50/1001000/1000/1000/1000/1500/2000/26000,5130 x 315
F 20 – F1/4″- 2″0.35/1/5/10/20/50/1002000/2000/2000/2000/3000/4000/52000,5130 x 595
Taste – Smell – Colour
F 5 – FB1/4″-1.1/4″Cullbon2500,5130 x 190
F 10 – FB1/4″- 2″Cullbon5000,5130 x 315
F 20 – FB1/4″- 2″Cullbon10000,5130 x 595
Mineralizing – Corrosion
F 5 – FC1/4″-1.1/4″Cullmite – Cullsili250 – 7000,5130 x 190
F 10 – FC1/4″- 2″Cullmite – Cullsili500 – 14000,5130 x 315
F 20 – FC1/4″- 2″Cullmite – Cullsili1000 – 28000,5130 x 595


  • PRESSURE: max. 7 bar
  • TEMPERATURE: min. 5 °C – max. 40 °C